Welcome to Cambridge Family Health, Dr Shama Padayachey

Originally hailing from South Africa, Dr Shama Padayachey arrived with her family in New Zealand in September 2020, and will start at our practice on February 15th. 

Dr Padayachey graduated University of Witwatersrand with her medical degree and soon after, realised that her passion in medicine was deeply rooted in family medicine. She has a special interest in chronic medical conditions, mental health and preventative health.

She obtained her MCFP from the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa and her MFAMMED from the University of Witwatersrand. Dr Padayachey is vocationally registered as a GP specialist in New Zealand.

Dr Shama Padayachey believes that working in general practice allows her the unique opportunity to provide health care to patients and their family within the context of their home and work environment.
She also believes that managing the health needs of my patient is a joint partnership between doctor and patient, which lends itself to successful health outcomes. 

Welcome to the team Dr Padayachey!


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