General and family medicine

We provide comprehensive medical care for all ages. This includes disease diagnosis and management, specialist referrals and off-work certificates.

Urgent medical service

From Monday to Friday from 8.30am til 3pm we provide an urgent medical service. This service is provided for patients enrolled at the practice who are acutely unwell/injured and need urgent medical review. If you ask to be seen urgently you will be triaged by a nurse and the appropriate review will be organised. There is a charge for being seen and triaged by a nurse. Due to the need to isolate patients with respiratory symptoms and fevers from the rest of our patients, all patients requesting an urgent appointment will need to phone ahead first so that the appropriate triage can be arranged.

Lifestyle advice

We have a strong focus on guiding patients who need to lose weight, or improve their blood sugar control if they are suffering from diabetes or prediabetes

Chronic Disease Management and Monitoring

We are skilled in diagnosing and managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD). We have facilities for spirometry, ECG and 24-hour blood pressure measurement.


We offer the full range of Insurance, Driving, Recreational Diving, Armed Forces and Full General Medicals.

Minor Surgery

We remove suspicious skin lesions and potential skin cancers. 


We provide terminal and palliative care as necessary. This may include home visits for those too unwell to attend the medical centre and a 24h on-call service in the late phase of treatment.

Womens Health

We provide women with family planning advice, IUCD removals, smears, STI checks, breast examinations and mammogram referrals.


We provide free medical care in early pregnancy (under 12 weeks).

Mens Health

We provide men with family planning advice, prostate checks, PSA monitoring, cardiovascular screening and risk assessment.


We provide treatment for minor accidents (others may be referred to hospital). We remove foreign bodies, suture cuts, treat strains and sprains, and refer patients for X-ray and specialist review as necessary.

Skin Checks/Dermatoscopy

The practice has a dermatoscope which helps us detect early signs of melanoma and other skin cancers.

Free Sexual Health for Under 25’s

We offer free sexual health checks, contraception advice and prescribing for patients aged under 25.

Travel Health

We offer travel health appointments and can give advice and vaccinations for overseas travel.


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