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Accepting New Patients

Enrolment is simple - complete the form by pressing the button above, then drop it off to us at 2 Oliver St or email them to Please include your photo ID, proof of eligibility to enrol (NZ passport or NZ birth certificate, or valid visa) and proof of address.

Our key goals for patient care

Cambridge Family Health is a medical centre in Cambridge which comprises a team of doctors, nurses and administration staff who are committed to providing excellent health care in a relaxed and family friendly environment.

Why enrol with us?
1) Availability: We strive to keep our doctor to patient ratio as low as possible, which enables us to provide good continuity of care, and you do not have to wait long to see your regular doctor. 
2) Urgent medical care: We also provide a daily urgent care service, utilising our excellent nurses to triage patients, so that you are seen by a doctor on the day, if medically indicated. NB During the current COVID-19 pandemic this urgent service will operate via a phone or video consult first and then a face-to-face assessment with a doctor if deemed necessary.
3) Wellness: We have a strong commitment to preventative health, which means that we will look after you when you are unwell and we are also focussed on using our skills and knowledge to help you to optimise your health and well being. 

We are proud to be a Cornerstone accredited GP practice

As a Cornerstone accredited GP practice, we have passed a rigorous assessment process by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. This means that our medical practice delivers quality patient care that has been independently assessed as meeting the gold standards. 

COVID-19 practice plan from 22/3/20

The COVID-19 pandemic is progressing in New Zealand with more cases being diagnosed and evidence of likely community spread.

We continue to prioritise the wellbeing of all of our patients as well as our staff. We will continue to use safe practices for our patients and aim to provide primary care to the best of our ability whilst working in extraordinary circumstances.

All non-urgent face-to-face interactions with patients will stop for the foreseeable future. These include b12 injections, smears, blood pressure checks, etc

Patients who phone our practice for an appointment will be booked in for a phone consultation with a GP. If the issue can be managed via a phone consultation it will be, but if deemed necessary by the GP then the consultation will progress to a video consultation. If at this point, your issue can’t be resolved you may be offered a face-to-face appointment.

All prescriptions will be faxed to a nominated pharmacy.

 All invoices will be emailed to you and the details of how to pay are attached to the bottom of the invoice. If you don’t have internet banking then please let one of our receptionists know.

If you are coming for your booked appointment for a flu jab, you will be seen in your car, the vaccination will be given while you remain in your car and you will remain in your car in the carpark for the required 15 minute observation period. We recommend you have someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

We are taking these extraordinary measures now because we know that a huge amount of infections occurred in Italy in GP waiting rooms.

We urge all of you to practice social distancing and abide by the rules of the lockdown.

We urge all of you to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
Look out for elderly people who have to remain indoors.

We are keen to establish lasting relationships with our patients and encourage enrolment to help facilitate this.

Enrolment is simple. You can either collect pre-printed forms from us or download them here. Simply complete the forms, then either drop them off to us at 2 Oliver St or email them to Please don't forget to include your photo ID, proof of eligibility to enrol (NZ passport or NZ birth certificate or valid visa) and proof of address. We'll take care of the rest!

Cambridge Family Health | P. 07 827 4234 | F. 07 827 7377 | 2 Oliver St, Cambridge Opposite Mitre 10

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